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Silo Flexibles

Bin Activator and rubber sleeves available with quick turn-round options.

Silo flexibles

We manufacture and stock various flexibles for use in silo systems.

Beaded edge sleeves or silo seals for bin activators are held on stock in extruded lengths and bonded to suit customer diameters which allows a quick production turn round. The lower flexible rubber sleeves are carried in stock as a 3mm wall seamless rubber available in tan para or white food grade natural rubber.

We can also supply fully stainless steel rod clamps for the bin activator sleeves for a secure fastening and unlike standard flat band clamps this does not cut into the rubber sleeve underneath.

Standard Materials

Seamless FDA white rubber tube
Seamless tan para abrasion resistant rubber tube
White FDA UV stable bin activator sleeve
Stainless steel rod clamps


Bin activator systems
Vibration compensation
Powder transfer applications

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Silo Flexibles

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