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Polyurethane Flexible Connectors

Bespoke design and manufactured FDA and ATEX rated polyurethane flexible connectors.
Polyurethane Flanged Connector

Polyurethane Flexible Connectors

Polyurethane is a versatile polymer known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion and weathering that we manufacture into polyurethane connectors, sleeves, chutes, flanged connections, and convoluted bellows.

PU is inherently flexible, making it suitable for applications requiring movement, vibration, or connection flexibility. Flexibility can help prevent damage to the connection and surrounding components.

Everything manufactured by Flexible Connections Ltd is done in-house and made to customer requirements; given the customisation of PU, we can manufacture to almost all requirements and specific needs. All our PUs are FDA-approved and UK-manufactured.

The elastic properties of polyurethane can contribute to noise reduction in specific applications by absorbing vibrations and impacts.

Polyurethane is a durable material with excellent wear resistance, making it well-suited for connections in applications where frequent movement, abrasion, or exposure to harsh conditions are present.


Bespoke Designs.

We also manufacture a range of flexible connectors using the same PU films, such as flanged ends, square-to-round transition pieces, and conical flanged chutes.
We stock heavier wall 1.5mm blue and black polyurethane and a 1.5mm nylon-reinforced black polyurethane for added durability.


Weighing Applications.

Polyurethane is a lightweight material, which can be advantageous in load cell applications where minimising weight is essential. We manufacture convoluted bellows with transparent polyurethane to allow visual monitoring of product flow.


ATEX Environments?

ATEX environments? We stock clear ATEX-rated polyurethane in 0.35mm & 1mm thicknesses. Our anti-static polyurethane material has been tested in accordance with EN 60079-0:2017 clause 26:13 and is dissipative and suitable for ATEX use. However, we advise seeking independent expert advice on suitability for your specific application.


Pressure or Vacuum?

Bespoke conical, offset branch pieces with stainless steel rings for pressure or vacuum applications. We also offer foam or rubber-encapsulated hems for damaged mating spigots and vacuum support rings to prevent flexible collapse under negative pressures to maintain flow.


We also offer clips for added convenience.

Standard Materials

0.35mm and 1mm clear FDA and ATEX polyurethane
0.35mm, 0.6mm, 1mm and 1.5mm standard clear polyurethane
1.5mm blue and black polyurethane
1.5mm black reinfoirced polyurethane
1mm and 1.5mm clear PVC film
1mm blue metal detectable FDA polyurethane


Powder and granule gravity fed systems
Load cell flexibles
Pipe misalignment
Viewing and inspection for flow monitoring

Ask the experts

With over 50 years experience manufacturing bespoke flexible connectors, we can help with the design process and material selection. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you find the right solution.

Call us on 01606 836024 or email: sales@flexibleconnections.co.uk

Polyurethe Flexible Chute flexible
polyurethane sleeves
PU Flexible

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