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Stainless Steel & PTFE Hoses

Designed for pressure applications and manufactured to fit to customer specifics.
Stainless hose and braid

Stainless & PTFE Hoses

Convoluted Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Convoluted stainless steel hose assemblies offer a cost effective and reliable solution to absorb the effects of vibration and misalignment of pipework and machinery, especially where pressures are involved. A good physical strength enables high operating temperatures and pressures. Each hose is fire resistant and consists of a convoluted stainless steel inner liner formed from thin-wall tube. Pressure containment is ensured by up to three plies stainless steel interwoven wire over braid, which covers the full hose length. This over braid also acts as a resistance to elongation under pressure in addition to some mechanical protection.


PTFE Hoses

PTFE hoses are widely used throughout the pharmaceutical, dairy and food industries and can offer working conditions up to 2000 PSI and 260 degrees centigrade (not in combination). Each Hose can be produced with either a smooth or convoluted inner bore.  As with stainless steel convoluted hoses a stainless steel outer braid is standard to increase the pressure rating. Wire helix can also be incorporated into the design for use on vacuum systems.


Additional options
Other options offered include outer wire Spring Guard, internal stainless steel Interlock Hose Liner and Jacketed Hoses.

Standard Materials

Threaded BSP, NPT, JIC and RJT.
Stainless and mild steel stub-ends.
All sizes of copper tube.
Copper compression fittings.
Fixed and swivel flanges.
Hygienic Triclamp fittings.
Unicone fittings with or without clamps.
Camlock quick-release connectors.
Stainless and mild steel dip pipes.


Transportation of gases
Heating and Chiller systems
Vibration and noise reduction

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Stainless & PTFE Hoses

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