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Hand Built Rubber Bellows

Manufactured and designed for specific pressure applications and customer requirements.
Hand built rubber bellows

Hand Built Rubber Bellows


When standard moulded rubber bellows do not meet your needs, a diverse range of hand-built, UK-manufactured rubber bellows are available for order. These custom-made rubber bellows are tailored to each application’s unique specifications, providing optimal performance and durability.


Customisable Rubber Bellows

Our hand-built rubber bellows have full-faced rubber flanges and split backing flanges, ensuring a robust and reliable connection. These flexible rubber bellows can accommodate non-standard bore sizes and lengths, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

We offer a selection of liner materials to meet specific operational requirements, including:

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): Known for its excellent resistance to heat, ozone, and weathering, it is suitable for outdoor and high-temperature applications.

Nitrile: Provides exceptional resistance to oils, fuels, and chemicals, ideal for environments where these substances are prevalent.

Hypalon: Offers superior resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light, making it a versatile choice for various challenging conditions.

Neoprene: Balances chemical and weather resistance, suitable for various applications requiring flexibility and durability.

We can also construct bellows from abrasive-resistant natural rubber and various FDA food-quality compounds, including EPDM, nitrile, natural rubber, and silicone for specialised applications. These materials ensure compliance with stringent hygiene standards and provide the durability required for demanding environments. Additionally, we offer an anti-static rubber compound, which is crucial for applications where static electricity could pose a hazard.

Additional Options

To further enhance the functionality of our bespoke rubber bellows, we offer several additional options:


Tapered Rubber Bellows:

These connect pipes of differing diameters. The tapered design ensures a smooth transition between different pipe sizes, reducing turbulence and maintaining flow efficiency.


Filled Arch Bellows:

These bellows feature a filled arch design, providing a smooth internal surface that minimises material buildup and enhances the flow of fluids or gases. This design is particularly beneficial in applications where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.


Double-Arch Bellows:

These flexible rubber bellows offer increased movement capabilities, accommodating more significant axial, lateral, and angular movements. This flexibility ensures that the bellows can absorb various movements without compromising the integrity of the connected systems.


Stainless Steel Backing Flanges:

We offer stainless steel backing flanges for added strength and durability. These flanges provide a robust connection point that can withstand high pressures and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring the bellows’ long-term reliability.


Applications of Hand-Built Rubber Bellows

When standard solutions are insufficient. These applications include:

HVAC Systems: Rubber bellows help absorb vibrations and thermal expansion in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear on connected components.

Chemical Plants: Our bespoke rubber bellows’ chemical resistance makes them ideal for use in environments exposed to corrosive substances.

Food and Beverage Industry: FDA food-quality rubber bellows ensure that hygiene standards are maintained, preventing contamination and ensuring the safety of food products.

Power Plants: Rubber bellows help manage thermal expansion and absorb vibrations in power generation systems, contributing to the equipment’s efficiency and longevity.


Benefits of Choosing Hand-Built Rubber Bellows

Opting for hand-built, bespoke rubber bellows from our UK manufacturing facility offers several key benefits:

Customisation: Each bellow meets the customer’s specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Quality: Manufactured in the UK, our rubber bellows are produced to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Versatility: Our rubber bellows can be customised to suit any application, and they are available in a wide range of materials and additional options.

Durability: Using high-quality materials ensures that our bellows withstand the rigours of demanding environments, providing long-term reliability and reducing maintenance costs.


Our hand-built rubber expansion bellows offer a versatile, high-quality solution for applications with inadequate standard products. Whether you need rubber bellows for HVAC systems, chemical plants, the food and beverage industry, or power plants, our bespoke, UK-manufactured products are designed to meet your needs. With options for various liner materials, additional features like tapered or filled arch designs, and stainless-steel backing flanges, we provide flexible, durable solutions that ensure the integrity and efficiency of your piping systems.


These custom-made rubber bellows from our UK facility are designed to offer maximum flexibility and resilience in diverse industrial applications. Whether facing extreme temperatures, high pressures, or chemical exposure, our rubber bellows are engineered to provide reliable performance and long-lasting durability. The tailored design and manufacturing process ensures that each below meets your project’s requirements, enhancing your systems’ overall efficiency and longevity.


By choosing our hand-built rubber bellows, you benefit from the expertise and precision of a dedicated team committed to delivering high-quality, customised solutions. Our flexible rubber bellows are designed to withstand challenging conditions and provide seamless integration into existing systems, minimising downtime and maintenance efforts. Trust our bespoke rubber bellows to meet your unique needs and deliver exceptional performance in any application.


Hand Built Rubber Bellows
Hand Built Bellows
Flexible Rubber bellows - hand built - cross-section view

Standard Materials

White FDA natural, EPDM and Nitrile


For neutralising movement.
Compensating for thermal expansion.
Noise and vibration reduction between equipment such as pumps, chillers and diesel engines.

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