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Fabric Flexible Connectors

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Fabric Flexible Connectors

Fabric-flexible connectors are pivotal in food and pharmaceutical environments, ensuring seamless operations in challenging conditions, from flexible fabric sleeves, gaiters, filter bags and fan connections.

To meet specific customer requirements, they are manufactured in various materials, from natural nylons to polyurethane and rubber-proofed cloths. Our stock boasts an extensive range of fabrics, encompassing lightweight nylons to heavy-duty canvases, catering to various applications.


Convoluted Gaiters.

Within our fabric connector offerings, we specialise in stitched convoluted gaiter bellows designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants onto screw threads and hydraulic rams. These gaiters allow a high degree of compression and elongation, with the movement determined by the number of convolutions formed into the unit’s overall length and the outside dimension of each convolution. Customers typically specify end terminations, ranging from cuffed ends for clamping onto spigots, drawstrings, elasticated cuffs, or flanges.


Flexible Sleeves.

Complementing our fabric gaiters, we produce stitched sleeves tailored to various dimensions. From heavy-duty sleeves for loading chutes and flexible duct connections to light-duty flexible dust skirts, these sleeves offer versatile solutions. Our design options extend to tapered sleeves, offset angles, square-to-round configurations, and flanged connectors.


Filter Bags.

In our commitment to comprehensive solutions, we offer fabric filter bags through our in-house sewing department. These bespoke designs can feature a disc sewn on one end, accommodating an internal steel cage, or sewn flat. We stock standard needle felts, PTFE laminated FDA, and ATEX-rated filter needle felt. For those with unique requirements, we cater to custom designs.

Don’t overlook the essentials – remember your clips! CLICK HERE to explore our range of stainless steel clips, providing secure and efficient solutions for your fabric connectors and other applications.

Standard Materials

White silicone coated Kevlar
Red or white silicone coated glass cloths
Neoprene coated nylon
Neoprene coated glass cloth
Green canvas
Anti-static nylon Tersteel
Various white nylons
Polyurethane coated nylons
PVC coated polyesters in various colours
FDA & ATEX PTFE Needlefelt
Various Needlefelt fabrics
Sanforised cotton
Blue FDA Neoprene coated polyester


Gravity fed granules
Weighing vessels
Hopper covers
Pipe chutes
Vibratory equipment

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Fabric Flexible Connectors

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