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Sieve Spares

Moulded Rubber bellows and sieving aids available from stock.
Locker Bellows

Sieve Spares

Sieve spares products are used for the smooth running of a variety of sieves, shakers and vibratory equipment.

Moulded rubber sieve bellows (also known as locker bellows) are highly durable and flexible which compensates for the aggressive movements required. These rubber sieve bellows can be manufactured from a variety of compounds depending on your application/requirements.


We stock food grade rubber screen cleaning balls in various sizes. These screen cleaning balls are deigned to remove the build-up or blinding on vibratory screens. This simple products reduces lengthly downtimes on site and lost production.

Along with screen balls we manufacture and stock triangular tray cleaners, these have a similar effect to the screen balls but vibrate along the screen to reduce blinding rather than bounce.

Our FDA white rubber screen balls and tray cleaners help to prevent product blinding on sieve mesh to help with smooth flow and fewer blockages.

All standard sieve spares are available from stock for a next day delivery.


We can also accommodate bespoke manufacture bellows and sleeves for specific applications where standard off the shelf stock products will not suit.

Other areas we can cater for include high temperature flexibles, clear view sleeves to allow constant monitoring for blockages and flow along with conical chutes from rubber, polyurethane or fabric.


Sieve and shaker covers
Bespoke design covers can also be manufactured to prevent products bouncing out of exposed sieves and contain dust, resulting in a cleaner, safer production area. 

These can be manufactured from ATEX rated and FDA approved materials.


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Standard Materials

FDA Moulded convoluted bellows
(red or white rubber)
White or tan para rubber screen balls
Seamless FDA white rubber tube
Seamless tan para abrasion resistant rubber tube
White triangular tray cleaners


Sieve inlet flexible sleeves
Sieve outlet vibration rubber bellows connections
Dust containment

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Sieve Spares
Sieve Spares

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