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Polyurethane FDA & ATEX Bellows

Bespoke design and manufactured FDA and ATEX rated polyurethane bellows.
Polyurethane Flexible Bellows

Polyurethane FDA and ATEX thermoplastic bellows

We design our polyurethane FDA & ATEX bellows to meet the specific requirements of our customers. All our PU is FDA food-grade approved and can be ATEX-rated for hazardous explosive environments. 

Polyurethane provides excellent abrasion properties, and being transparent allows easy visual monitoring of product flow.

We can customise the bellows size according to your specifications and application needs. Our standard design has a single central convolution allowing axial compression; we can add more convolutions if required for more significant movement. 

We can add more convolutions for higher vibration and sieve applications to accommodate axial and lateral movement.

We offer the same design options with additional features like flanges, conical reducers, or internal PU flow sleeves. These features can guide the product and prevent lips where product build-up can be problematic.

We recommend our standard polyurethane flexible for applications where movement or misalignment is not an issue; you can find information here.

Our anti-static polyurethane material has been tested and is dissipative and suitable for ATEX use. We advise seeking independent expert advice on the suitability of our material for your application.

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Standard Materials

0.35mm and 1mm clear FDA and ATEX polyurethane
0.35mm, 0.6mm, 1mm and 1.5mm standard clear polyurethane
1.5mm blue and black polyurethane cuffs
1mm blue metal detectable FDA polyurethane


Powder and granule gravity fed systems
Load cell flexibles
Pipe misalignment
Viewing and inspection for flow monitoring
Sieve bellows

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Polyurethane FDA & ATEX Bellows
PU Bellows

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